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Cob Building - Green Roofing

Thatch Roof Hermitage

Thatch is a green roofing technology! A thatchroof provides a lifetime of beauty and function, which we feel all discerning clients desire. Thatch provides terrific insulation, which will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. On top of thermal insulation, the thickness of a thatch roof (6"-12") provides amazing sound dampening. As a vegetative material, water-reed thatch roofing allows your house to blend into the landscape.

Thatch Roof Hermitage (eco-house) made of:
  • Thatch Roof (Water Reed)
  • Timber Saplings
  • Straw bale and Cob Walls
  • Urbanite Foundation (Recycled Pavement)
  • All Natural / Green Materials
  • Contact us so we may show you how we can make your world a little more interesting through our Green Roof Technology.

    Cob Thatch - Green Roofing

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    Cordwood Thatch - Green Roofing

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    Asian Thatch

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    Living Green Roofs

    Living Green Roof

    Vegetative, or Green Roofing, is an architectural style which provides a wide range of positive effects for buildings, inhabitants, and the environment. Green Roofs meet one of the essential conditions of sustainable development, the reconciliation between economy and ecology.

    Green Roof Advantages:
  • Extend Roof Life
  • Storm-Water Management
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Sound Insulation
  • Reduce Urban Heat-Island Effect
  • Government Incentives
  • The most obvious benefits are storm-water management and reduced energy costs, but Green Roofs also work to reduce the heat island effect common to most large cities, due to the ability of the plants to transpire and shade.  Green Roof technology can extend the life of a roof far beyond that of a traditional roof.

    Green Roofs are visually enhancing the quality of life in cities. They help improve people's mental and physical health. Not only in cities, but also in rural areas Green Roofs allow buildings to blend harmoniously with the scenery aided by eco-green walls.

    Our Green Roofs can help a building owner achieve LEED certification in a number of categories. Many Cities have implemented incentive structures, including tax credits and avoidance of fees assessed for impervious surface cover.

    We offer everything for your Green Roof project from concept to design to supply to maintenance. Green roofing is natural and sustainable, so it fits in well with a greater awareness of our planet. We custom design these wonderful natural living roofs anywhere in the United States of America.

    Contact us so we may show you how we can make your world a little more interesting through our Green Roof Technology.

    Living Roof

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