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Thatch Repair

Please email us photographs and measurements to facilitate repair price quotes.

Living Green Roof

Like many ancient crafts, the art of thatching is handed down from generation to generation.

We offer extensive Thatch Repairs to all existing thatch structures anywhere in the United States, Hawaii and the Caribbean islands. We take pride in performing the best repairs possible and feel that no one should settle for anything less.

  • All of our repairs are completed by our thatch roof professionals
  • Matching thatch materials to blend in with existing thatch
  • Renewing thatch ridges so you can get longer life out of your roof
  • Fire retardant: we apply a non-toxic fire retardant on each structure as necessary
  • Re-dressing and Re-designing thatch roofs on existing structures
  • Convert any existing asphalt shingle roof to a thatch roof
  • We would like each owner to get lasting enjoyment and function from their precious thatch roof for many long years. Have our thatch professionals get started on your repair.

  • Water Reed
  • African Reed
  • Fire Retardant
  • Palm Thatch

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